10 Reasons To Choose New Orleans, Louisiana Motorcycle Attorney Glenn McGovern

pic1Glenn McGovern is a trial attorney with over 36 years of trial experience and racing motorcycle experience. There are a lot of attorneys out there that handle accident cases. So why hire Glenn McGovern?

While there are many attorneys out there, there are few attorneys that have his unique qualifications to handle your motorcycle crash case. Here are ten reasons why you should consider hiring Glenn McGovern to be your motorcycle accident trial lawyer.

  • Motorcycle racing experience in competition on a State and National level.
  • Motorcycle racing experience in competition on an International level...

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In 2009, the Department of Transportation (DOT) commissioned a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to access...

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Do I Have A Case?

You or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident. You have suffered in many ways. You have suffered pain. You have suffered...

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What Should I Do?

What happens in the first 24 hours after a motorcycle accident in New Orleans, Louisiana can be critical to your case. Hopefully you’ll...

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Motorcycle Insurance

Simply put, most people do not have enough motorcycle insurance information. Especially when it comes to coverage in Louisiana. Insurance...

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