10 Reasons To Choose New Orleans, Lousiana Motorcycle Attorney Glenn McGovern

pic1Glenn McGovern is a trial attorney with over 36 years of trial experience and racing motorcycle experience. There are a lot of attorneys out there that handle accident cases. So why hire Glenn McGovern?

While there are many attorneys out there, there are few attorneys that have his unique qualifications to handle your motorcycle crash case. Here are ten reasons why you should consider hiring Glenn McGovern to be your motorcycle accident trial lawyer…

Motorcycle racing experience in competition on a State and National level.
Motorcycle racing experience in competition on an International level.
Experience in handling motorcycle product liability cases to enhance recovery for the injured motorcyclist.
Experience in handling motorcycle uninsured motorists claims (UM clams) for injured motorcyclists.
Experience in handling jury trials involving motorcyclists.
Experience in lecturing and publishing legal articles on jury trial techniques for other trial attorneys.
Experience in handling motorcyclist case presentation to juries and overcoming juror bias against motorcyclists.
He has been injured in motorcycle crashes and recovered to compete again.
He understands the physics of motorcycle operations.
He is active in motorcycle organizations such as ABATE.

pic2Glenn knows motorcycles. He has raced. He still races. Glenn McGovern has raced in AMA national competition and NMA national competition in 2004 in the 45 yr. old plus Vet motocross class at Loretta Lynn and in 2005 in the ProSport 250 cc plus class. He has also held a FIM Competition license and was the first American to enter the FIM World Veterans Motocross 50 plus class at Namur, Belgium and Donington Park, UK in 2007. He has been written about in Racer X. He also competes annually in the WMA World Vet Motocross at Glen Helen.

Motorcycle cases are unique. A lawyer that handles automobile accidents is not necessarily adept at handling motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle cases are especially challenging for many reasons that he understands through his research efforts. Glenn McGovern has even handled motorcycle patent infringement cases. He handles motorcycle accident cases all over the state of Louisiana and has a Cessna aircraft he pilots to trials all over Louisiana.

pic5Glenn McGovern has handled many difficult motorcycle accident cases. In Louisiana, a motorist only has to carry $15,000 of liability insurance. If you get injured, chances are the motorists may not have enough liability insurance to cover your medical expenses alone much less pay for your injury, suffering, lost wages, surgery, disability, scarring and other damages. Glenn McGovern has still managed to recover substantial damages by pursuing other claims for defective products that may have contributed to the injury like defectively manufactured taillights that did not meet known safety standards. This resulted in recovery for a motorcyclist where normally there would be little recovery from an uninsured motorist.

pic3Glenn McGovern is not afraid to try cases to a jury. Insurers always ask for jury trials to try and prejudice the jury against the motorcyclist. Glenn is expert at combating this tactic. He has lectured and authored many articles on trial techniques. He has obtained multi-million dollar judgment for a motorcyclist whose leg was amputated in an accident in a conservative jurisdiction.

Many motorcycle accidents occur in rural conservative jurisdictions. Handling these trials involves a unique trial technique to be successful. Glenn McGovern has studied and done extensive juror research on these cases and knows how to present them for maximum recovery.

Glenn McGovern has been injured in motorcycle accidents as he has been racing since 1973. He understands the pain and mental anguish of an injury and the challenge of rehabilitation. A doctor has told him his racing days are over, only to come back and compete at the World FIM level and win La. state championships in the Vets class. He is uniquely qualified to know what you are going through after your crash. He has handled motorcycle wrongful death cases.

pic4Glenn McGovern will lecture to the national trial lawyers group, the AAJ, American Association for Justice at its annual convention in 2012. He has written extensively for other trial lawyers in the Louisiana trial lawyers association, LAJ, Louisiana Association for Justice in a monthly column.

Before you hire an attorney make sure he is qualified. Ask yourself if you would like to have on your side a person with all ten of Glenn McGovern’s qualifications.